If ever there were two things absolutely made for each other, it’s NECA‘s

BATSU line of figures and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Seriously, it’s as though the planets had to line up just right to make it happen and only

now can Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo be given the

BATSU treatment they deserved long before anyone even knew what BATSU was.

BATSU, in case you missed it last time, is our new highly-stylized line of urban vinyl

figurines. Each turtle is poseable at the neck and shoulders and comes with the weapons unique

to the character (bo staff, katana, nunchuku and sai — duh). Even without the weapons, you can

tell who’s who just by looking at their expressions, which capture the turtles’ personalities

perfectly, from Donatello‘s concentration to Michelangelo‘s goofy grin.

How fitting that for a license that over the decades has been everything from bed sheets (I

still have my TMNT bed sheets) and Head Knockers to highly detailed figures and statues, something new

can finally be done. Like it says above, these are the turtles like never before.

NECA‘s limited edition TMNT BATSU figurines hit stores next month and will

also be available at our Ama

zon storefront.

Keep it tuned to for more info on TMNT and other lines from

your favorite games and movies.

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