Heroes in the Clamshell

With the arrival of Series 1 of NECA‘s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures mere weeks away, fans have been anxious for any and all Turtles news. Today, NECAonline reveals the first official photos of all four single-carded Ninja Turtles in their completed packaging. If you aren’t one of the lucky 500 guests at this year’s New York Comic Con who snags our Exclusive Box Set, the only way to get all the Turtles accessories is by getting all four single-carded figures.
Exclusive accessories include:

  • Detailed Bases
  • Mini-turtles
  • Alternate Climbing Claw Hands
  • T.C.R.I. Ooze Cannister with Donatello
  • Throwing Stars with Michelangelo
  • Throwing Knives with Raphael

Take a look at our extensive gallery of Series 1 in packaging and make sure to check back at NECAonline for the latest Turtles updates and more

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