Myers is Large and In Charge

Michael Myers makes his terrifying return to the big screen this August in Halloween: A Rob Zombie Film. This fall, NECA will release this brand-new version of Michael as an 18” action figure, complete with knife and sound. As the release of this figure draws near we’ll have more details and photos for loyal Halloween and NECA fans alike, but for now check out these hi-resolution images! Click on the images below to open hi-resolution images in a new window!

First we have a simple image of Michael in all his glory…

Next is an up close and creepy composite image…

Michael lurking in the shadows.

Michael Myers: A Profile in Carnage

A slightly psychedelic image of a psychotic killer.

Finally, a teaser image to get you buzzing.

That’s all for this week, but make sure to check back at NECAonline for more updates on Halloween: A Rob Zombie Film collectibles and more!

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