A Wizard Showdown

Any fan of the Harry Potter films knows that of all the exciting moments in the series so far, the showdown between Harry and Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire makes all others pale in comparison. Surrounded by the truly evil Death Eaters, set against the backdrop of the Riddle family grave, their epic battle proved to be one of the darkest and most satisfying moments of the spectacular series yet.

Of course, we at NECA couldn’t resist the opportunity to recreate this landmark moment in the story of Harry Potter with an action figure boxed set. This May, The Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort Graveyard Duel with Riddle Family Grave Diorama hits shelves. Harry and Voldemort, already a hit with collectors, come packaged with our all new, terrifying Riddle Family Grave! The entire scene is approximately 19″ wide and the grave stands approximately 16″ tall with sickle in hand! As always, to tide over you anxious fans, we’ve included a few pictures to drool over until this set can be yours. Keep checking back at NECAonline for more updates on this Harry Potter product and more!

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