Resident Evil 4 Series 2

There has been significant time for everyone who owns a Gamecube and a PlayStation 2 to have made their way through Capcom’s Resident Evil 4. You have gone through hell and put yourself through immense torture. You have endured one of the most imaginative and well-crafted games ever. With superb control, amazing gameplay, fantastic graphics, and tons of scares and gore, the awesome story of Resident Evil 4 unfolds in classic horror fashion. You went through a tremendous journey to get to the end, and then BAM! You unlocked some new game modes!

You beat those too, right? Then you picked up the first series of Resident Evil 4 Action Figures. So you’ve done it all. You’ve attained all you thought you could with the game and now have the “I Beat Resident Evil 4” blues.

You thought wrong.

Resident Evil 4 Action Figure Series 2 will hit stores this May. You’ll be able to get your hands on some awesome characters such as Krauser, Los Illuminados Monks, Garrador, and the Iron Maiden! With more evil Las Plagas than you can shake a stick at, this series is going to make the fans very happy as it features some of the best monsters and bad guys you face in the game! Live out your worst nightmares! Surround Leon with Verdugo, Garrador, and Los Illuminados Monks! Or just throw a Resident Evil 4 tea party! Either way, have fun, as the Resident Evil madness seems to never end! Check out our cool new Resident Evil 4 Series 2 composites!