Behind the Scenes First Look – David 8 from Prometheus Series 2!

We’re going behind the scenes once again for a special look at the next series of Prometheus 7″ action figures!

The biggest sci-fi thriller of the year and Ridley Scott’s triumphant return to the Alien mythology, Prometheus was as mysterious as it was awesome-looking. Series 2 in our Prometheus action figure line includes the Deacon and David 8!

We’ve already given a sneak peak at the Deacon Ultramorph in a Behind the Scenes special, and as always, Director of Product Development Randy Falk has been giving fans on Twitter a look at the inner workings of our figures. Take a look at David:

Prometheus David 8 – 7″ Action Figure Behind the Scenes

Prometheus Series 2- Pre-Production Images

Storified by Leonardo Saraceni · Wed, Dec 05 2012 11:39:03

Advance look Deacon Prometheus S2, includes 2 different hammerpedes, dissected engineer head, & base. Around Feb ’13
@Spider_swag yes, fully open or shut and inner mouth can drop down and extend, it’s pretty awesome if I say so myself :)NECA
@originaldrdoom Hammerpedes is the official name and they are bendy even, wires insideNECA
Advance look at David from Prometheus S2, includes 2 different, heads, helmet & flashlight accessory. Around Feb ’13

Unpainted David Test Shot:


I am David 8:


The final version of David from Prometheus Series 2 comes with 2 interchangeable heads, a flashlight and a removable helmet. Product shown in behind-the-scenes may not be finished and is subject to change.

When’s the Due Date?

Prometheus Series 2 is set to release the 1st quarter of 2013. Until then, check out Prometheus Series 1 and the TRU Exclusive Engineer vs. Trilobite 2-Pack!

For more of a look at Series 2, these pics first came out after San Diego Comic-Con this year:



David in Helmet


Only the Beginning!

We’ll have MUCH more on Prometheus as we get closer to the release of these figures in Q1 2013 followed by Series 3 later on, so stay tuned.

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