Closer Look: Classic Planet of the Apes Clothed Gorilla Soldier Action Figure

Happy Monkey Monday!

Today’s treat is an in-depth look at the upcoming clothed Gorilla Solider action figure from Planet of the Apes. Check out the gallery below to see the final production model in action (with special guest appearance by our Charlton Heston/George Taylor figure).

Click the thumbnails for larger images:

gorilla1 1300xgorilla3 1300xgorilla4 1300xgorilla8 1300xgorilla7 1300xgorilla5 1300xgorilla2 1300xgorilla6 1300xGorilla Soldier 1300x

The Gorilla Soldier features a new Type 2 body with added articulation, including bicep swivel and improved thigh movement, and comes with a rifle accessory with strap. Blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell.

For more details, visit the product page: Planet of the Apes – Clothed 8” Action Figure – Classic Gorilla Soldier

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