Closer Look: Classic Planet of the Apes Series 2 Action Figures!

Happy Monkey Monday!

Our special treat for this Monkey Monday is a closer look at the Classic Planet of the Apes Series 2 figures first revealed at this year’s SDCC! General Ursus, Dr. Zira, and an all-new version of Dr. Zaius will start shipping to retailers in the next couple of weeks. Check them out in action below!

Click the thumbnails for larger images:

POA_Series2_Group 1300xhorse Zaius5 1300xZaius2 1300xZaius3 1300xhorse Zaius4 1300xZaius1 1300xUrsus4 1300xUrsus5 1300xhorse Ursus6 1300xUrsus2 1300xUrsus3 1300xUrsus1 1300xZira3 1300xZira2 1300xZira1 1300xZira5 1300xZira4 1300xGeneral_Ursus 1300x29998_Ursus_pkg1 1300x29998_Ursus_pkg2 1300x29998_Ursus_pkg3 1300xZira 1300x29997_Zira_pkg1 1300x29997_Zira_pkg2 1300x29997_Zira_pkg3 1300xDr.Zaius 1300x29999_Zaius_pkg1 1300x29999_Zaius_pkg2 1300x29999_Zaius_pkg3 1300x

Based on his appearance in Beneath the Planet of the Apes, General Ursus is the commander of the ferocious Gorilla Army, and comes with pistol and holster accessories. From the original 1968 film, brilliant psychologist and veterinarian Dr. Zira comes with notepad and pencil accessories. Also from the original film, the zealous Dr. Zaius is dressed in a long coat and comes with cane and scroll accessories.

For more information on Series 2, visit the product page:
Planet of the Apes – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Classic Series 2 Assortment

This is just the latest addition to our Planet of the Apes line — to see all the exciting figures to come, visit the Planet of the Apes category.

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