Closer Look: Evil Dead 2 Hero Ash and Deadite Ash Clothed Action Figures!

Hail to the king, baby… both of them!

In the ultimate battle of good versus evil, Ash versus Ash, Chin versus Chin, who will reign supreme? We’ll find out soon! (More specifically, May for Hero Ash and July for Deadite Ash.)

In the meantime, we took our upcoming retro-style clothed action figures from Evil Dead 2 into the photo studio for a closer look at the contenders.

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions:


Get your retro fix with two new takes on Deadite Ash and Hero Ash from the cult classic flick Evil Dead 2! These poseable 8″ figures are dressed in tailored fabric clothing similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s.

Deadite Ash comes with movie-accurate accessories, including a Necronomicon. Blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell.

Hero Ash comes complete with sawed off shotgun and holster on his back for storage. Blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell and custom illustrated artwork.

For the complete details, check out the product pages:
Evil Dead 2 – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – Hero Ash
Evil Dead 2 – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – Deadite Ash

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