Closer Look: Predator Series 14 (Alien vs Predator) Action Figures

#Prednesday Peek

In honor of both #prednesday and SDCC Preview Night, enjoy a closer look at the deadly members of Predator Series 14 as they lay waste to some unsuspecting Xenomorphs! Celtic, Scar, and Chopper are set to arrive in late September — in the meantime, check out the photo gallery below, or swing by our booth at Comic Con to see them in person.

Predator – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 14 (Alien vs. Predator)

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1300x group1300x celtic31300x celtic21300x celtic11300x Chopper11300x Chopper21300x Chopper31300x Chopper41300x Scar11300x Scar21300x Celtic1300x Chopper1300x Scar

NECA’s longest running figure collection! Series 14 debuts our first-ever Predators from the 2004 movie Alien vs. Predator. Celtic, Scar and Chopper feature all-new bodies with a mind-blowing new level of articulation – over 30 points!

Each comes with character-specific gauntlets, armor, weapons, trophies and other accessories. We’ve paid close attention to detail to make these as accurate to the movie as possible. Figures stand 8.25” tall. Blister card packaging.

More info: Predator – 7″ Scale Action Figures – Series 14 Assortment

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