Predators Action Figure Extravaganza! Series 11 Photo Shoot, Plus News on S12 and S13!

Start the new year right with a Predators action figure update!

In case you missed it amid the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Series 11 of our Predators action figures are in retail stores now! We were so busy getting everything lined up for the impending Toy Fair season that we almost forgot to post these sweet action shots of the Wasp Predator, Armored Combat Lost Predator and Thermal Vision Dutch.

And speaking of Toy Fair, we’re proud to confirm that prototypes of the Series 12 and Series 13 figures will be on display in our booth when February rolls around! We’ve put a lot of love into these upcoming series, so you won’t want to miss the big reveal.

Now — on to the pictures!

Predators Series 11 – Click the thumbnails for larger images:


Series 11 in our #1 selling line of Predators action figures includes Wasp Predator, Armored Combat Lost Predator, and Thermal Vision Dutch. For the complete details, check out the product page:
Predators – 7″ Action Figure – Series 11

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