PREDATOR SHOWCASE: Your Lost Tribe, Reunited!

She says the jungle… it just came alive and took him

Now that Predator Series 6 has been on shelves for a few weeks, collectors have the opportunity to complete the entire Lost Tribe. We’re very proud to be able to make this happen, but even prouder to see them all nicely displayed in YOUR collections.

We continue to add new pictures to our “Lost Tribe Album” on Facebook, but here are some of the coolest ones:

Fan-Submitted Lost Tribe Pictures

9 or 10 Predators?

No, we’re not going to get into an argument here – pictures with or without City Hunter made into our selection. But we’d like to hear you thoughts about this, so hit us up on Facebook or tweet us with your arguments!

Collectors, Unite!

Even though we havent posted a new Collector Spotlight feature in a while, we’re still accepting applications. If you want your collection featured, feel free to apply. Collections from all licenses are welcome!

We’ll Be Back

Don’t forget – Predator Series 7 is coming up, and we have quite a few other plans for the Predator line. Stay tuned!