Collector Spotlight – Amin Abarghooee

This week’s Collector Spotlight has some classic NECA figures!

Basic Info

Collector Name: Amin Abarghooee

Instagram: a.abar1

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

11 years

Why Did You Start Collecting?

I enjoy collecting figures and replicas based on video games and movies

What Was Your First Item?

Cult classics presents Hannibal lector

Share Any Unique Details About Your Collection

I’m interested in horror movies and Tarantino movies. I collect most of the figures based on Tarantino movies

What Is Your Favorite Item?

Reservoir Dogs boxed set

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?

Ultimate Michael Myers – Bride of Chucky 2 pack – John Connor- Ultimate Kratos 2 pack

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