Collector Spotlight – Geoff Dell

This week on the Collector Spotlight series, we have a 1/4 scale NECA collector who also crafts his own custom accessories!

Basic Info

Collector Name: Geoff Dell
For those of you active on Reddit or the Sideshow Freaks forum, you can find me sharing and discussing NECA collectibles as “ShadowGuardian”!

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

I have been collecting NECA action figures for almost 3 years.

Why Did You Start Collecting?

In terms of collecting in general, it really just grew out of my childhood. Even at a young age I would display tiny action figures and toys, and as I got older that naturally turned into the same thing just with higher end collectibles. I started collecting NECA figures specifically because after getting my first 1/4, I loved it so much that I wanted to expand and devote my collection to almost exclusively NECA 1/4 figures.

What Was Your First Item?

My very first NECA figure was the 1/4 Battle Damaged Unmasked Captain America. I saw it on sale, and figured it was too good of a deal to pass up. Little did I know that it would open the door to an amazing collection from my favorite toy line and company!

Share Any Unique Details About Your Collection

As of now, I have a total of 25 NECA 1/4 action figures. 12 are DC Comics related, 6 are Marvel related, and 5 are Middle Earth related with the remaining 2 being the T-800 and Jack Sparrow. My most recent addition was Bilbo Baggins; an older release but I was missing him so I had to go back and grab one!

One thing that makes my collection a little more unique is the fact that I have made a few custom accessories in addition to the excellent variety NECA has provided. I have made custom Joker cards for the Dark Knight Joker, a custom evidence bag to hold the Joker card from the Batman Begins Batman, and custom magic shields and effects for Doctor Strange!

I’m very satisfied with my display, and in the future I hope to expand the collection by adding NECA’s Spider-man, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, and Civil War Captain America!

What Is Your Favorite Item?

It’s insanely hard to choose just one! I guess I’ll have to go with the Arkham Knight Batman or Smeagol, though any of them could be a great answer.

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?

Any DC and Marvel 1/4 figures! Specifically the upcoming Daredevil and Wonder Woman.

Check Out Geoff’s Collection

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