Collector Spotlight – Mark Weselowski

Collector Spotlight series is back! Today’s collector is a long time NECA fan who has been collecting for over 10 years!

Basic Info

Collector Name: Mark Weselowski

How Long Have You Been A Collector?

10 years

Why Did You Start Collecting?

I always loved action figures, especially articulated ones that I can pose. NECA happens to make some of the most detailed and well articulated figures out there. I’m also a big fan of movies and video games and NECA makes figures for some of my absolute favourite games and movies!

What Was Your First Item?

My first figure was The Crow Reflections duo. It’s one of my favourite movies of all time and kind of what kickstarted my collecting of NECA figures.

What Is Your Favorite Item?

I also love the Evil Dead line

Which NECA Toys Are You Most Anxious For?

I’m really hoping that some new Army of Darkness figures might happen

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