Shipping this Week: Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle!

Coming soon to a shelf near you!

Rolling out to retailers from the NECA warehouse this week, it’s the huge Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle! Over two feet of offensive tactical capability, scaled perfectly for use with our Predator action figures.

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Predator – Blade Fighter Vehicle

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Blade Fighter1 1300xBlade Fighter2 1300xBlade Fighter_pkg1 1300x

This massive vehicle is an homage to a classic Kenner vehicle from the 1993 Predator toy line. When fully assembled, the Blade Fighter is over 2 feet in length and accommodates most 6″- 8″ tall action figures! (Figures sold separately.) This is a must-have for Predator fans and will come in gorgeous closed box packaging featuring original art and illustrations like the classic toy lines of yesteryear.

–hinged cockpit
–ball-jointed cannons
–spring-loaded projectile
–spring-loaded detachable 19″ long blades
–removable wing guns (can be hand held by your Predator action figures)
–areas for extra weapon storage
–clips for holding an extra Predator mask

For more photos and information, visit the Predator Blade Fighter Vehicle Photo Gallery and Product Page. You can also explore the full line by visiting the Predator category!

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