FIRST LOOK: Man of Steel – 1/4 Scale Figure – Black Suit Superman

The Man of Steel is Back in Black

Director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was one of the most talked-about movies this year, and brought a modern, gritty feel to the superhero sometimes known as the “Big Blue Boy Scout.” So to follow up on our first 1/4 Scale Man of Steel Action Figure, it’s only fitting that we bring you Supes in the new black suit that made so many waves when it appeared in the film!

Heading to you in early 2014, here’s your first look at this limited edition figure:

Man of Steel – Black Suit Superman 1/4 Scale Figure

Click the thumbnails below for larger images:


“From one of the year’s biggest films…

The re-launch of Superman from acclaimed director Zack Snyder brings a new modern and more serious take on the beloved hero.

Our 1/4 scale action figure stands just over 18″ tall and features nearly 30 points of articulation, an incredibly realistic portrait sculpt, and a fabric cape. This version of the Man of Steel is in his black costume with a black cape and an interchangeable set of hands.”



For more information, visit the product page: Man of Steel 1/4 Scale Figure – Black Suit

Stay Tuned for Updates

If you missed it above, Black Suit Superman is limited to ONE production run only. We’ll be updating the Shipping Calendar as we get closed to the arrival date, so check back soon.

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