Shipping: Prometheus Series 3 Action Figures

The Holographic Engineers Are Shipping This Week!

Rule #1 of space travel: When you touch down on a seemingly-abandoned planet, if at any point you see footage of aliens fleeing a mysterious menace, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Of course, if the crew of the Prometheus had done that, the movie would have been a whole lot shorter, and we never would have been able to present Series 3 of our Prometheus action figures!

Shipping this week to retailers, the figures capture the Engineers in their holographic form. Check out the image gallery!

Prometheus 7″ Action Figures – Series 3


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Series 3 brings brand new versions of the Chair Suit and Pressure Suit Engineers in holographic form, as they were seen when the crew of the Prometheus discovered archival footage of what lifeforms were active on LV-223. They use a combination of translucent blue plastic and hand painted decoration to achieve the look of “white noise” holographic versions.

Each figure stands over 8″ tall and features over 20 points of articulation. Both Engineers include a brand new Ampule accessory which can be opened to reveal the mysterious contents inside.

For more information, visit the product page: Prometheus 7″ Action Figures – Series 3

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