Celebrating 30 Years of A Christmas Story – New Leg Lamp, Ornaments & More!

Three decades later, you’ll still shoot your eye out!

This year marks a full 30 years since the original A Christmas Story was released, and we’re celebrating the anniversary of this holiday classic by expanding our already-extensive A Christmas Story line of ornaments, replicas, and of course, leg lamps!

To that end — we’re taking it on ourselves to reimagine the “electric sex” that was the iconic leg lamp, and we think that just like the Old Man, you’ll be overcome by art when you feast your boggled eyes on the new 18″ Action Glitter Leg Lamp, out just in time for the holidays!

18″ Action Glitter Leg Lamp


This “indescribably beautiful” new lamp celebrates 30 years of the beloved holiday comedy A Christmas Story! The infamous leg lamp is the Old Man’s pride and joy, so we imagine that he’d love this more outrageous version.

The leg is filled with glittering golden liquid that circulates slowly, bringing “the soft glow of electric sex” from that Indiana window to your home. Including the fringed shade, it stands 18″ high, with a 5-foot cord and separate power switches for lightbulb and leg. Uses one 40-watt bulb.

More info at the product page: A Christmas Story 18″ Action Glitter Leg Lamp

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You were always jealous of this lamp! — The Old Man

Ornaments, Slippers and More!

The Leg Lamp is a classic, no doubt about it, but it’s just the beginning of the story. To coincide with the 30th anniversary of the movie, we’ve also got new ornaments, replica bunny slippers, even tin-case adhesive bandages lined up for release.

See the images above for a sneak peak, and keep your eye on the A Christmas Story license page for product details. More to come!

The ‘Story’ Continues

We’ll have much more on A Christmas Story throughout the year as we get closer to the holidays. Until then, don’t be a shotten shifter paskabah and make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest contests, behind-the-scenes exclusives, product reveals and much more!

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