SHIPPING NOW: HeroClix DC Comics TabApp Elite 2-Pack, GoW Judgment Baird Figure & Taxi Lancer Replica!

The Weather’s Heating Up and So Are Our Shipments!

The temperature’s rising, and as we all come out of a long winter’s hibernation, we’re getting back to what we do best: Filling store shelves with the highest quality figures and merchandise from all your favorite games, movies, comics and more!

We’ve got a ton of great stuff coming over the next couple months, so this is just the beginning. Look for these new HeroClix TabApp Elite and Gears of War Judgment items to hit shelves just as soon as the trucks drop ’em off:

HeroClix TabApp Elite – DC SuperHeroes: Batman and Wonder Woman 2-Pack

batman and wonder woman tabapp elite
HeroClix TabApp Elite figures are fully iPad and Android tablet compatible thanks to our free, single-player application download! The DC HeroClix: Batman and Wonder Woman 2-Pack includes one Batman figure with an electronic combat dial for use with the TabApp Elite Clixstation, and one Wonder Woman ally figure that can also be played during your TabApp Elite game, allowing players to use two figures at once!

All TabApp Elite figures are 100% compatible with tabletop HeroClix!

Find out more about TabApp Elite at NECA/Wizkids Games: DC SuperHeroes TabApp Elite

Gears of War: Judgment – Damon Baird 7″ Action Figure


Lt. Damon Baird was the leader of Kilo Squad, a Gear soldier who was an expert in several technical and mechanical fields. This brand new figure features over 30 points of articulation and stands nearly 7″ tall. He comes equipped with Retro Lancer accessory.

More info at the product page: Gears of War Judgment Baird 7″ Action Figure

Gears of War: Judgment – Car No. 13 Lancer Replica

taxi lancer new
A GameStop Exclusive! This limited edition electronic version of the original Chainsaw Lancer features all new deco from the new game, Gears of War Judgment! This brand new skin is known as “Come in, Car No. 13” and is reminiscent of a yellow taxi cab in design.

It’s created directly from the 3D data used to make the Gears of War games, so it’s extremely authentic. The “Taxi Lancer” is 36 inches in length and runs on three “C” batteries. Highly detailed and hand painted, the reproduction features a trigger that sets off a motorized chainsaw sound accompanied by physical vibration.

Equipped with a removable clip and an adjustable side handle that folds in and out and slides back and forth.

Now available as a GameStop Exclusive: Gears of War Judgment Car No. 13 Lancer Replica

More to Come

Look for all these and more hitting store shelves soon, and don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus for exclusive announcements, contests and behind-the-scenes updates!

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