Calling all Figures: Recapping the Latest Figures from Predators, Portal, Gears of War, Friday 13th, Rocky, and More!

Chell, Clubber Lang, Dutch, Marcus, Jason Voorhees, and many more coming up!

It’s been a busy couple weeks here at NECA HQ, but through rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes, dark of night and all the rest, we continue to bring you the best action figures in the world. Basically if we have electricity, we’re good to go. And even if we didn’t, I’m sure we’d work something else out, maybe set up a stationary bike to a generator.

We’ll figure that out when the world ends. Until then, we know you’re busy too, so here’s a recap of our latest figures in a variety of sizes and scales. We start (where else?) with Predators:

Predators Series 8

The latest in our wildly successful Predators line is Series 8, which includes our first-ever figures of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dutch Schaefer! Both Jungle Extraction Dutch and Jungle Patrol Dutch are exclusive to this series, and we’ve also got an update on the Masked Jungle Hunter Predator with improved articulation and weapons!

Product page: Predators Series 8 action figures
Available Feb. 2013!

Chell (Portal) Limited Edition

Limited to 15,000 units worldwide, this Chell action figure excellently captures the Portal protagonist as she appears in the game. Chell has over 20 points of articulation, and her ASHPD accessory actually lights up and glows blue just like in the game and as seen in the full-size ASHPD prop replicas. Also includes a display base.

Product page: Chell limited edition 7″ action figure
Available Feb. 2013!

Gears of War 3.75″ Scale

We’re constantly looking for new avenues to highlight our favorite characters from our favorite games, and this assortment of 3 3/4″ scale action figures are our first from Gears of War! Each figure has over 20 points of articulation and comes with signature weapons. This series includes Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird and Clayton Carmine!

Product page: Gears of War 3 3/4″ Scale Action Figures
Available Feb. 2013!

Predators 1/4 Scale Series 2

Two more giant Predators for your collection! The 1/4 scale Predators Series 2 features the Masked Guardian Predator and Unmasked City Hunter Predator. These are the largest Predator figures we’ve ever made, over 19″ tall and loaded with detail and weapons.

More info: Predators 1/4 Scale First Look
Product page: Predators 1/4 Scale Action Figures Series 2
Coming soon!

Friday the 13th Series 2

Friday the 13th Series 2 continues our new line of definitive Jason action figures. This time around, we focus on Jason as he’s seen in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter, with regular and battle-damaged versions of the killer from Camp Crystal Lake. Both figures have removable masks and over 25 points of articulation.

Action Shots & Video: Friday the 13th Series 2 News Story
Product page: Friday the 13th Series 2 Action Figures
Available Jan. 2013!

Rocky Series 3

Rocky vs. Clubber Lang! The first look at the latest Rocky action figures just went up this week, and we’ll have much more to come, but the follow-up to the awesomeness that was Series 2 recreates Rocky’s epic bout against none other than Mr. T as Clubber Lang, as seen in Rocky 3.

Video and Action Shots: Rocky Series 3 News Story
Coming soon!

Getcha Some

If you think this is all we’ve got, forget it. We’ll have updates on these and so much more over the next couple weeks, so make sure you stay tuned right here to the NECAblog for all the latest.

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