Celebrating Recently Achieved 20,000 Fan Milestone, We Gave Prizes – Lots of Them!

Over 2,000 Likes in 34 days!

Please note that doesn’t mean it was a 20k race, which I’m pretty sure if you asked me to run I wouldn’t make it, well, off the couch.

It’s not like we hadnt rocked facebook with awesome giveaways before, but we decided it was high time we got deeper into some of this “social networking” we keep hearing about on the six o’clock news, so over at the NECA Facebook page, we set up contest milestones with prizes at each 1,000 Likes.

Very shortly, we went from this:

To this:

That’s right. We hit 20,000 Likes in the Road to 20k Contest in just 34 days and gave away some great prizes in the process:

Nowthat’sa prize. Have you seen the Gremlin replica? It’s so real it’s unreal. Check it out:

Congrats to Eric Lucas for picking up this beauty right here. We only made 1,000, so you’re one of a lucky few!

The summer of interwebular love

We started on June 5 and hit 20,000 just this Monday, making a total of 34 days of giveaways, Likes, and feverish clicking the likes of which few have ever known. At nearly 60 likes per day, it was our own little summer of love.

Huge thanks go out to everyone who participated, whether it was by sharing the posters or liking the page or just telling your friends to do the same. Congratulations to all the winners of the contest too! Onward to 40k!

Make sure you check in with us at the NECA Official Facebook page (accept no substitutes) and follow NECA on Twitter as well to keep tabs on more giveaways and news to come from your favorite action figure wholesaler!

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