Like A G6? No, More Like A DaVinci.

Greetings renaissance assassins,

I must warn you: this one is a GameStop exclusive item, one of extreme rarity (and off-the-chart awesomeness!)

The Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Da Vinci’s Flying Machine

A highly detailed replica of Da Vinci’s Flying Machine, the awesome glider as seen in the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood videogame.

This glider’s wingspan extends over 2 feet and wings and tail are articulated.

One of our 6″-7″ scale Assassins Creed action figures can be placed in the harness underneath and the cannon pivots and fires a spring loaded projectile.

Pre-Order Are Available Now

You may pre-order the Da Vinci Flying Machine over at GameStop. We’re scheduling the release for 11/15.

Right on time for Christmas shopping

Note: Closed Box Packaging, some assembly required

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