The Wraith Unleashed

The adversary of the dreaded vampire lord Kain, Raziel preys only on the damned. As the protagonist of the hit Soul Reaver video game series, Raziel has become a modern video game icon, and finally joins the Player Select pantheon this December in two highly-articulated, amazing action figures. This new assortment features Material World Raziel and a translucent Spirit World version! The hands, shroud, and head of both figures are interchangeable, and each figure comes with a torch and Raziel’s deadly Reaver! As one of our most articulated figures yet, Raziel features twenty points of articulation, including:

  • Ball-Jointed Neck
  • Ball-Jointed Shoulders
  • Ball-Jointed Torso
  • Ball-Jointed Hips
  • Ball-Jointed Wrists
  • Ball-Jointed Ankles
  • Ball-Jointed Wings
  • Swivel Biceps
  • Swivel Thighs
  • Hinged Elbows
  • Hinged Knees

These figures hit shelves next month, but for now take a look at both versions of this all new addition to our Player Select line. Make sure to check back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Player Select action figures and more!

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