UPDATED: Armored and Unstoppable

In the original smash success video game, God of War, Kratos was a nearly unstoppable killing machine. In the blockbuster sequel, God of War II, Kratos is more terrifying than ever in the armor of Ares, his adversary and the original God of War. NECA is proud to present the Player Select God of War II Ares Armor Kratos Action Figure, available this fall! The figure features an all-new body sculpt, the new Blade of Olympus sword, and “powered-up” repaint versions of the Blades of Athena. Two different versions sporting all-new head sculpts, one open mouth and one closed mouth, will be available and each head is interchangeable with those from the original God of War Assortment. Take a look at both stunning versions and keep checking back at NECAonline for the latest updates on Player Select action figures and more!

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