Even the Gods Tremble Before Him

Kratos of the best-selling God of War series is, without a doubt, the biggest badass of the current gaming world. It’s only appropriate that he gets a bigger figure, and this fall the God of War II Kratos 12″ Figure with Sound hits shelves everywhere. Featuring awesome accessories like a Severed Medusa Head, Two Interchangeable Heads, and the Flaming Blades of Athena, this large scale figure is one of NECA’s best yet. Kratos says six game-accurate quotes:

  • My death is what began this journey.
  • I no longer walk with the gods.
  • You defy the god of war?!
  • You will suffer for this!
  • I am what the gods have made me.
  • Return to Sparta and prepare for battle.

This figure hits shelves soon, and for now take a look at our awesome packaging images. Make sure to check back at NECAonline for all the latest on God of War collectibles and more!

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