Paleontology Never Looked This Pretty

For over a decade, Lara Croft has been gaming’s most famous ass-kicking archaeologist. In a few weeks, NECA gives Lara the deluxe treatment and releases the Lara Croft 12″ Action Figure with Sound. Packed with pistols, sword, grenade launcher and more, our beautifully sculpted Lara Croft features multiple points of articulation and push button sound. Lara says four trademark phrases and makes two sounds directly from the hit video game Tomb Raider: Legend:

  • Well, this is a tomb. I’ll make them feel at home.
  • From this moment, your every breath is a gift from me.
  • Death by irony is always painful. Amateurs.
  • Grand entrances are always impractical, that’s what makes them grand.
  • Pistol Sound
  • Secret Chime – music when Lara finds a hidden idol

Lara Croft hits shelves at the end of August, but for now check out the completed figure in packaging. Keep checking back at NECAonline for all the latest updated on Tomb Raider collectibles and more!

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