A Monstrous Marionette

The creepiest addition to our 12″ army comes this fall with the Saw Puppet 12″ Action Figure with Sound. Cute little “Billy the Puppet” comes with his tricycle says 6 terrifying, trademark phrases from the hit film franchise:

  • So are you going to watch yourself die today? Or do something about it?
  • There are ways to win this.
  • Let the game begin.
  • Live or die, make your choice.
  • Congratulations, you are still alive.
  • Laughing.

For this horrific release we have a few special composite photos for you. Click on the images to check out larger versions.

Up first we have a simple photo of Billy.

Next is a composite shot guaranteed to make your skin crawl.

Finally we have one last shot of the putrid puppet, guaranteed to give you nightmares.

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