Croft in Color

A few weeks ago, NECAnews gave an exclusive look at the creation of our upcoming Lara Croft Anniversary 7″ Action Figure. Today, coverage continues with high-resolution images of the one and only Lara Croft, fully painted and poised for action. Click on the images below to open larger versions.

Up first we have a close-up of Lara, highlighting her fully painted face, hair, and upper torso.

Next is a full body-shot of Lara.

Here we have another angle, highlighting the realism of Lara‘s ass-kicking pose.

This photograph from the rear highlights Lara‘s backpack, ponytail and… other assets.

Another image of Lara‘s unique physique.

Finally, one last image of Lara leaping into action.

That wraps up Part 2 of our Making of Lara Croft Anniversary Action Figure, but keep checking back at NECAonline for more updates on this figure and more!

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