Harry Potter Series 1 Revealed

This March, NECA releases the first series of action figures for the critically acclaimed, blockbuster Harry Potter film franchise from Warner Bros.’ Pictures. These highly anticipated figures are painstakingly detailed, fantastically realistic, and a welcome addition to any Harry Potter fan’s collection. NECA is proud to release images of all five figures here at NECAonline. Make sure to click on these images to open links to a larger version of each picture.

Our first figure is Harry Potter himself, in his Tri-Wizard Tournament Uniform.

Below are two different Death Eater figures. The first features a haunting fleshtone mask…

…And a Death Eater wearing a terrifying skull mask.

The terrors of Azkaban, The Dementors have been terrifyingly captured in our figure below.

Finally, Harry Potter’s lifelong nemesis, the evil Lord Voldemort.

These figures will be available this March but don’t forget to keep checking back here at NECAonline for more news and announcements about our upcoming Harry Potter merchandise!The post Harry Potter Series 1 Revealed first appeared on NECAOnline.com.