3 New Skinned Retro Lancers Available And You Can Win One!

Video game weapons make up for a good chunk of every guy’s “wish list”. From drawing Doom’s BFG9000 in my middle school notebooks to the awesomeness of Duke Nukem‘s RPG (a personal favorite), it’s a shame only a few have seen the light of day in worthy replicas.

NECA’s Gears Of War Lancer replicas (both MK1 and MK2 rifles) are exceptions, and now that family has grown – by 3!

Retro Lancer Give Away!

Speaking of worthy replicas… Our friends over at GameCrazy are giving away 3 Retro Lancers! (US-only this time).

The Gears Of War Lancers

Our replica of the Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War transformed the market with a high-quality but affordable replica.

The GOW 3 Retro Lancers

It wasnt enough that we were completely sold out of the Retro Lancer before it even arrived in the US, and that we gave 10 of them to lucky folks after SDCC 2011. We now have 3 new Lancers, each with a unique skin from the game.

These new Lancers are available for pre-orders in the U.S. exclusively from GameStop. Click the links below to order yours:

We Had To Skin Them!

Electric Green Retro Lancer
Electric Green GOW Retro Lancer
Team Metal Retro Lancer
Team Metal Retro Lancer Gears of War
Deadly Cute Retro Lancer
Deadly Cute Retro Lancer gears of war

Down-To-Pixel Accuracy

Folks from Epic Games provided us with 3D renderings and Randy and our sculpting team designed the replica with as much detail as possible:

  • Created from the actual 3D data used by Epic Games in the GOW 3 video game
  • Over 3 1/2 Feet in Length
  • Trigger Activates Machine Gun Sound Effect
  • Hand Painted detail
  • Very Limited Edition

Dont miss your chance at owning one of the most awesome video game replicas ever!