6 Chances To Win NECA’s 2012 Halloween Costume Contest

Embrace Your Costumes, Win Prizes!

Last year our Halloween costume contest received 100s of entries, and we had a lot of fun picking the winners. This year we’re expanding the categories and look forward to even more entries!

Rules are pretty much the same as last year:

To Participate In The Contest

3 Simple steps:

Dress Up As Any NECA Action Figure

Dress up as any character that NECA has immortalized as an action figure, current or past, as long as we made it as a toy it counts. We’ve had 100s of licenses over the years, there are plenty to choose from!

Post Your Image To Our Facebook Wall

Go to the official NECA Fan page and upload your picture to our wall. Make sure you TAG yourself in the picture. You may upload as many as you want.

Upload It to Twitter Using #NECAHalloween

You may also participate by uploading your costume picture to Twitter and adding the hashtag #NECAHalloween. Only tweets WITH the hashtag will be accepted. Uploading to Twitter AND Facebook will not increase your chances of winning.

Do It Before Midnight on Sunday, 11/4

We will only consider submissions posted before Midnight on November 4th, 2012. We’re giving those with delayed parties to participate too.

The 2012 Halloween Contest Categories

Kids Costumes (1 Winner)


For this category, we’ll look into the best kids’ costumes. By kids, we mean children under the age of 12. We may not be able to be extremely accurate tracking children’s ages, but we wont award a Kids Costume winner that sports facial hair

[toggle title=’ Kids Prizes’] The most awesomely-costumed kid will win an assortment from our most kid-friendly licenses – including the Mogwai figures (from the Gremlins), ET the Extra-Terrestrial, and more. Parents’ input will be heard for the prize. [/toggle]

Sexy Costumes (1 Winner)


Last year we mentioned the possibility of a sexy Little Sister, from Bioshock, winning this category, and a Splicer ended up taking it. This year, we’ve announced several new licenses, so your options have expanded. Let’s see what you come up with!

[toggle title=’ Sexy Costume Prize’] The winner will have access to a selection of our awesome apparel section – some of which are exclusive pieces never offered at retail! – along with some of our powerful line of female figures! Of course, the winner will be able to add her input.[/toggle]

Best VALVE-Related Costume (1 Winner)


Brand new category this year, honoring a great partner and giving contestants yet another chance of winning. You may dress up as Chell from Portal, or Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, any Team Fortress characters, or even any DOTA characters!

[toggle title=’ VALVE-Related Prize’] Your very own PORTAL DEVICE REPLICA! We’ll give you the option to choose any available version, to either kick-start or supplement your collection! [/toggle]

Most Accurate Costume (3 Winners)


For this category, it’s pretty simple – best costume in every detail wins. We’ll analyze submissions from head to toe to award the winner.

[toggle title=’Prizes For Most Accurate Costume’] There will be 3 winners for this category:
  • 1st Prize – Jason Mask + Freddy Glove + Hellraiser 7″ Figure Assortment + entire Series 1 of Gremlins 7″ Figures
  • 2nd Prize – Freddy Glove + entire Series 1 of Gremlins 7″ Figures
  • 3rd Prize – Entire Series 1 of Gremlins 7″ Figures + Hellraiser 7″ Figure assortment


Now, The Rules

These remain very similar to last year. Few basic points:

  • You may use any license – past or current – as your inspiration. If we’ve made toys from it, you may use it
  • A single costume may not win 2 categories
  • The same person may submit 2 or more entries – wearing different costumes
  • By uploading your pic, you agree to let us use it on our site
  • We can only ship prizes within the US

We will only consider submissions posted before Midnight on November 4th, 2012.

Regarding your submission:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO PHOTOSHOP or EDITING. Nope. Nada. Not even a bit.
  • Photos should show your entire costume – that means HEAD TO TOE
  • Do NOT send group pictures – only individual submissions will be considered
  • If your photo is blurry or grainy, we wont be able to see much detail. You dont need to send professional pics, but make sure you have plenty of light and a camera other than your iPhone’s.
  • The official NECA Fan page is where you should send submissions, and they need to be uploaded through our wall.
  • Twitter submissions MUST carry the hashtag #NECAHalloween. Only tweets WITH the hashtag will be accepted.
  • Uploading to Twitter AND Facebook will not increase your chances of winning.


We look forward to awesome submissions! Have fun!