A Grave Announcement from NECA

In a few weeks, Harry Potter fans get what they’ve been anxiously awaiting for months now. A new movie? Not quite yet. The final book of the series revealing the fate of Harry Potter? No, not that either. It’s The Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort Graveyard Duel with Riddle Family Grave Diorama from NECA! We released some photos of Harry, Voldemort, and the stunning Riddle Grave Diorama a few weeks back here at NECAonline, and to whet your appetites we’re giving a glimpse of what this amazing set will look like in packaging. The figures in this set are some of the best work we’ve done here at NECA, and the grave itself is cool beyond words. Take a good look now and make sure to buy your own in a few weeks! Keep coming back to NECAonline for more news and announcements regarding upcoming Harry Potter collectibles!