A Special Look at the Boomer Action Figure (Left 4 Dead)

I’ll live to see peace on Earth once more if I have to rip these animals apart with my bare hands! — Bill

Here’s one for the ladies in the house tonight…

Of all the action figures in NECA’s vast arsenal, poor Boomer here was voted “Zombie Most Likely To Get Diabetes,” but either way, you can be perfectly sure that as you make your way southbound to escape the apocalypse in Left 4 Dead, he’ll have his blood sugar in check when he’s spraying you with bile and feasting on your insides. Because that’s how he rolls.

And I do mean “rolls.” Zing!

But seriously folks, we’ve had Boomer on deck for a while — did an exclusive photo shoot and everything — but we thought it was time to take a second and highlight just how awesome this figure really is. He’s got style! He’s got grace! He splits in half from where he bursts in a gutsy bile-spewing mess! Truly a 7″ action figure for the ages.

Left 4 the Deadliest

If you’ve ever played Valve’s  Left 4 Dead, you know that Boomer is about as gross and about as deadly as it gets. Sure, he doesn’t move that fast or anything but that bile he spits definitely brings out all his zombie buddies, doesn’t it? We wanted to capture not just the gore, but also the spirit of the character and the danger he presents, and not to toot our sculptors’ horns without asking first, but they totally nailed it.

And to answer your next question: Yes, we absolutely thought about having the figure actually spit zombie-luring bile. Oddly enough, our insurance company wouldn’t go for it. Something about bath salts and people getting their faces eaten? Whatever.

Because a Zombie that Doesn’t Split in Half is No Zombie at All

It’s true, morbidly obese, bile-filled zombies aren’t exactly known for their flexibility, but in addition to the fact that the figure splits in half and has attachable guts, look at all the articulation we’ve packed into this thing:

  • Ball jointed neck
  • Hinged jaw
  • Ball jointed shoulders
  • Insert molded ball hinged elbows
  • Ball jointed wrists
  • Ball jointed upper torso
  • Swivel waist
  • Ball jointed hips
  • Insert molded ball hinged knees
  • Ball Jointed Ankles

Business is booming

So while you’re busy doomsday prepping, make sure you check out our Boomer action figure and more collectibles to come from NECA’s ongoing love affair with Valve. We couldn’t be more excited to continue to bring you innovative — and, frankly, disgusting — products like this one, and we hope your 2012 continues to be filled with zombie bile.

The 7″ Boomer figure will be available late June. Keep it tuned to your favorite action figure wholesaler for news and updates on all your favorite games, movies and more.