Announcing The 10 LUCKY Retro Lancer Contest Winners

This Friday, with an early dose of Christmas spirit, Randy decided to kick the contest up a notch and pick 10 lucky winners to receive a Gears Of War 3 Retro Lancer. Originally, one winner was going to be picked from the pictures taken at our booth during SDCC 2011, and another picked from the fans at home that uploaded their GOW pictures to our Fan Page.

Just 5x More Prizes…

If you’ve seen our Fan page’s wall during SDCC (from 7/20 to 7/24) you know how awesome the submissions were. We were very excited about all of the entries, and happy to see that in the end the number of home submissions was close to the SDCC pics taken at our booth. That’s important to us because it gives a fair shot to folks that didn’t make it to the Con.

The endless amount of awesome pictures didn’t make our job any easier when picking the winners. Of course, picking 10 is easier than picking 2, but it was a hard task nonetheless. Winners will be contacted individually via Facebook.

The ONLY Criteria

1 – We only looked at submissions from 7/20-7/24, as explained in the contest rules.

2 – We picked 5 SDCC and 5 home submissions

Without further ado:

Home Winner #1 – Amber Perez

Amber’s GOW collection is not just awesome – she’s well suited to open her own GOW collectibles store! Plus, a girl with awesome collectibles is very sexy.

Home Winner #2 – Edwin Garcia

Now there’s a happy fellow. Edwin seems very proud of his collection – and he should be. He’s got his own army! Now he’ll have a huge Lancer to equip them with.

Home Winner #3 – Jorge Mendoza

Jorge might seem a bit shy in the pic, but that’s a glorious GOW wall behind him. We hope he’ll find space to hang his new Retro Lancer!

Home Winner #4 – Raul Hernandez

A guy’s room needs to have space for all of his hobbies. In Raul’s room, GOW takes some major real estate, and that shows a clear favorite. His new Lancer will be in good company.

Home Winner #5 – Timothy McNabb Jr

Timothy is a very eclectic collector. He’s got the games, the messenger bag, the COGS tags, and even a cool RC tank. And if you look close, you’ll see that his son is very upset he borrowed the tank to take this shot. Don’t worry little buddy, we’ll ask Daddy to share his huge new toy with you.

And here are the winners from the pics taken at SDCC:

SDCC Winner #1 – Ellia Hill’s Super Family

There are just so many cool things in this pic – the entire family came, all dressed up, and clearly  Ellia is proud of her husband’s menacing pose. Now she’ll have to deal with him having his own Lancer.

SDCC Winner #2 – John Griffin’s Captain GOW

Never mind the fact that John’s son seems to be having a tough time carrying the shield and the Lancer at the same time – with a gun like the Retro Lancer, Captain America is 2x cooler.

SDCC Winner #3 – Jonathan Wade

Okay, if you’ve heard the expression “blood in your eyes”, that’s what you see in Jonathan’s face. Plus, he looked really good holding that gun.

SDCC Winner #4 – Mady Cox

Okay… this picture is just phenomenal. Mady made carrying the Retro Lancer so natural she deserves one of her own.

SDCC Winner #5 – Superman (Trey Moore)

A crossover between He-Man and Superman? Only at Comic Con. Trey finally found a way for Superman to beat He-Man, so we’re giving him a Retro Lancer in case He-Man wants a rematch.

A Huge Thanks to Everybody!

Thanks to you, this contest was a huge success. We received well over 500 submissions, and if we didn’t pick you, don’t worry – based on the success of this contest, we’ll certainly run more. Stay tuned  either here or on Facebook, or follow Randy on Twitter for the latest news.