Approved Pre-Orders for Portal Replica Device Start Today [UPDATED]

In an effort to ensure that our customers and Portal fans have acess to the Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device (ASHPD) at a reasonable cost, we are allowing a select number of key retailers to begin taking pre-orders starting today. These retailers are listed below and they will each have approved allotments of the ASHPD that they will receive at the end of April.

International Retailers

Thus far, we have 2 retailers confirmed:

In the
In Mexico: Blockbuster (will sell in stores)

More To Come

We will announce a select number of brick & mortar retailers that will sell the ASHPD item in stores once they become available. At this point, the online pre-sell for this edition of the ASPHD are completed.

We want the consumer to let us know if anyone is trying to “scalp” this item, or force someone to by a “bundle” with other items. You can let us know by emailing portal[at]necaonline[dot]com

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm.