Batman: Arkham Knight Batarang Replica Coming Soon to GameStop!

Now available for pre-order!

Set to arrive in June alongside the new Batman: Arkham Knight video game, our new Batarang replica is a GameStop exclusive. It’s got spring-loaded action and interchangeable face plates (one has LED lights!).

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From the upcoming Arkham Knight, the final chapter in the most successful Batman video game series ever! This full-size prop replica of Batman’s Batarang is created directly from the digital files used in the making of the game. Spring-loaded action takes it from folded to fully extended at the push of a hidden button!

The Batarang comes with two interchangeable faceplates, one of which features LED lights that recreate the game’s “remote control” effect. Measures over 13 inches across when open. Batteries included.

Retail: $29.99USD online and at select retail stores
Release date: June


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1300x Batarang1300x Batarang21300x Batarang31300x Batarang_model11300x Batarang_model21300x Batarang_model31300x Batarang_model41300x Batarang_model51300x Batarang_model61300x Batarang_model71300x Batarang_model81300x Batarang_package11300x Batarang_package21300x Batarang_package3

Pre-order here —>


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