Blue-Skinned Ghoul

Coverage of Cult Classics Series 6 continues at NECAonline. Today we give a closer look at the newest addition to our growing legion of the undead from George A. Romero’s zombie classic Dawn of the Dead: the utterly unforgettable Hare Krishna Zombie! This blue-skinned ghoul wanders the halls of the local mall, stalking and terrorizing the protagonists of the hit film. Now he gets the Cult Classics treatment! The Hare Krishna Zombie has multiple points of articulation, including:

  • Ball-Jointed Neck
  • Ball-Jointed Shoulders
  • Swivel Wrists
  • Swivel Ankles

The Hare Krishna Zombie comes with storage boxes, a tambourine, storage room base, and removable glasses! This figure hits shelves at the end of this month, but for now, check out our gallery of exclusive photos. Make sure to check back at NECAonline for continuing coverage of Cult Classics Series 6 and more!