Closer Look: The Hateful 8 Clothed 8″ Action Figures

Presented in Glorious Retro Figure Style!

Our full line of The Hateful Eight clothed action figures is already headed out to stores, so let’s take a close-up look at the colorful cast that’s set to debut on shelves any day now. Check out new studio shots and in-package photos below!

The Hateful Eight – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – Assortment

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1300w Group1300w John11300w John21300w John_Daisy1300w Daisy21300w Warren21300w Warren31300w Bob11300w Bob31300w Gage11300w Gage21300w Mannix11300w Mannix31300w Oswaldo21300w Oswaldo31300w Smithers21300w Smithers31300w 14935_hangman1300w 14935_Hangman_Pkg21300w 14935_Hangman_Pkg11300w 14935_Hangman_Pkg31300w 14936_Daisy_1300w 14936_Daisy_Pkg21300w 14936_Daisy_Pkg11300w 14936_Daisy_Pkg31300w 14934_MajorWarren1300w 14934_Warren_Pkg21300w 14934_Warren_Pkg11300w 14934_Warren_Pkg31300x 14941_Bob_The_Mexican REVISED1300w 14941_Mexican_Pk21300w 14941_Mexican_Pk11300w 14941_Mexican_Pk31300w 14940_Smithers1300w 14940_Smithers_Pk21300w 14940_Smithers_Pk11300w 14940_Smithers_Pk31300w 14939_Gage1300w 14939_Gage_Pkg21300w 14939_Gage_Pkg11300w 14939_Gage_Pkg31300w 14938_Oswaldo1300w 14938_Oswaldo_Pkg21300w 14938_Oswaldo_Pkg11300w 14938_Oswaldo_Pkg31300w 14937_Mannix_1300w 14937_Mannix_Pkg11300w 14937_Mannix_Pkg21300w 14937_Mannix_Pkg3

For Quentin Tarantino’s eighth movie, we have a special treat for fans! Our newest retro clothed action figure line features all eight main characters from The Hateful Eight, and is a limited edition release – only 3,000 of each will be made available globally.

Each fully articulated figure stands 8″ tall and is dressed in intricately tailored fabric clothing, similar to the iconic toy lines of the 1970s. All feature authorized likenesses, and come with character-specific accessories from the movie, like pistols, rifles, shackles, gun belts, holsters, and more, in window box packaging.

Assortment includes:
Major Marquis Warren (The Bounty Hunter) – Samuel L. Jackson
General Sandy Smithers (The Confederate) – Bruce Dern
Joe Gage (The Cow Puncher) – Michael Madsen
Sheriff Chris Mannix (The Sheriff) – Walton Goggins
John Ruth (The Hangman) – Kurt Russell
Oswaldo Mobray (The Little Man) – Tim Roth
Bob (The Mexican) – Demián Bichir
Daisy Domergue (The Prisoner) – Jennifer Jason Leigh


These action figures are intended to be representations of their movie counterparts, and should not be construed as social or political commentary on the part of the manufacturer.

More info: The Hateful Eight – 8″ Clothed Action Figure – Assortment

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