Even the Kraken Can’t Keep a Good Pirate Down!

Thought you had seen the last of Jack Sparrow as he charged headlong into the mouth of the Kraken in the breathtaking finale of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest? Think again! Jack’s back in the final installment of the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. This May you can see Jack on the big screen and bring him home with you, too! We’re proud to present our newest additions to the ever-increasing selection of Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise from NECA: The Jack Sparrow 12″ and 18″ Action Figures with Sound! Jack has a brand new sculpt, based on designs from the upcoming film. He is highly detailed and dynamically sculpted in an action pose. And as for accessories, Jack comes with a pistol, hat, and sword.

If that wasn’t enough for you avid collectors, both figures “speak” three phrases from At World’s End:

  • “I’ve always valued the Pearl for two reasons. The first is freedom and the second… well, the second’s much like the first.”
  • “Me compass don’t point to what your heart desires. It points to what your
    heart most desires.”
  • “Davy Jones fell prey to the greatest of beasties mate: love.”

You can expect these figures to hit shelves this May, but you can always drool over our teaser image until then. As always, keep coming back to NECAonline for news and info on our upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean collectibles and more!