Half-Life: Gordon Freeman Action Figure and Head Crab Plush Ship this Month!

Half-Life Lives!

Half-Life is timeless in a way that few video games ever get to be, so we’re proud to announce that as part of our ongoing partnership with Valve Corporation, this month we’ll be shipping our first-ever Half-Life merchandise!

First things first: We couldn’t start off a new line of Half-Life goodies and not include Gordon Freeman! The Gordon Freeman 7″ action figure is joined by the Headcrab plush as our starting duo from Half-Life!

Mr. Freeman In Packaging

Gordon Freeman Action Figure in Packaging

Gordan Freeman is the central character of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 and a theoretical physicist who gets in way over his head. Our Gordon Freeman 7″ action figure is the first of its kind, featuring game-accurate detail, over 20 points of articulation, two sets of interchangeable hands, crowbar, bugbomb, and gravity gun accessories and his own headcrab! He’s got everything a Half-Life fan could ask for.

Headcrab for Your Brain

“Have you ever seen such a magnificent species? These ‘crabs’ can completely control their host’s nervous system. Can you imagine what the next stage of mutation looks like?” ― Black Mesa scientist

Based on the Half-Life 2 headcrab, you’ll find our brand new Headcrab Plush is somewhat easier on the cerebral cortex than those in the game. Made of soft plush, it measures over 6″ in diameter and is over 6″ tall. Most importantly, chances are it won’t turn you into a zombie, should you decide to rest it on your head.

Available Now for Preorder

Both the Gordon Freeman figure and the Headcrab plush will be shipping in about two weeks, but they’re available for preorder now.

After the massive response to our Portal and Left4Dead goodies, we’re thrilled to be able to bring you action figures and more from Half-Life. Look forward to much more to come!

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