Hogwarts In The Home

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hits theaters July 15, and NECA is ready for the next wave of Harrymania with our brand new giftware sets. We’ve got mugs, lunchboxes, candle holders, keychains, stickers, magnets and more! Seriously, it’s more Harry Potter merchandise than some states will legally allow, but we promise we won’t tell if you don’t.

It’s Harry‘s sixth year at Hogwarts, and my, they grow up so fast. Harry‘s in love, he’s captain of the Quidditch team, he’s saving the world from Voldemort — you know, all that usual teenager stuff. When a mysterious book comes into his possess that once belonged to the Half-Blood Prince, aside from a way to bring up his grades, Harry finds himself in a whole new adventure unlike anything he’s seen before!

Here’s just a sampling of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince items we’ve got ready to go.

Two tin lunchboxes, each including a thermos with Anti-Voldemort and Dark Arts designs.

Two collectable mugs, one with Harry and one with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Each image changes when hot liquid is poured in the mug.

Two sets of six 1.25″ Harry Potter pins, one with characters from the movie and one with the crests of Hogwarts.

Ever wonder what it would be like to keep Mad-Eye Moody‘s magic eye next to your car keys? Even if you’re not in the mood to find out, there’s always the N113 potion instead.

Now you too can put it all together. NECA‘s got three new 20″x27″ puzzles, each with 1,000 pieces, featuring a panoramic view of Hogwarts Castle, one of Hogwarts & Hedwig and the Marauders Map created by Remus Loopin (Moony), Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail), James Potter (Prongs) and Sirius Black (Padfoot) when they were at Hogwarts.

Along with a sheet of magnets so you can make sure all your potions are properly labeled, we’ve also got resin magnets featuring the Gryffindor crest, the Hogwarts crest and the Slytherin crest! There’s also a set with the Death Eater masks of Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange!

Candle Holder
We were initially going to market this cauldron as a way to mix up tiny potions, but it really works just as well for holding votive candles and that makes a lot more sense anyway.

Wall Scrolls
These all new house crest wall scrolls come in textured Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hogwarts patterns.

Let everyone know you stand behind your favorite Quidditch team with this “You Can Score Gryffindor” pennant!

Bag Clips
Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hogwarts clips come with beading and charms, and a special Quidditch clip includes a quaffle, bludgers and even the snitch!

Now you too can wear the Dark Mark of Voldemort and follow his evil ways. There’s also a Death Eaters sticker for anyone looking to be more militaristic about it.

“…You-Know-Who and his followers sent the Dark Mark into the air whenever they killed. The terror it inspired…you have no idea, you’re too young. Just picture coming home and finding the Dark Mark hovering over your house, and knowing what you’re about to find inside… Everyone’s worst fear…the very worst.”
Arthur Weasley