Now Shipping: Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop – See it in Action!

Part Man. Part Machine. All Action Figure.

In our continuing celebration of Robocop’s 25th anniversary, we’re happy to announce that our latest Robocop action figure, the 7″ Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop, is shipping now. You may expect to see him at most store shelves next week.

Just like in the original 1987 movie, Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop features a button on the back of its left leg that pops open a 2-panel holster where his Auto-9 pistol can be stored!

Role Footage

Here’s the holster in action:

I’d buy that for a dollar! – Bixby Snyder

A Closer Look

Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop stands 7″ tall and also includes an interchangeable right hand and his signature Auto-9 pistol. Click to see instructions below in higher resolution:

As you can see, he takes a pretty impressive picture:

Photogenic though he is, Spring-Loaded Holster Robocop is also a marvel of action figure engineering on this scale. Truly unique in both the NECA Robocop line and the world of 7″ scale action figures, he’s proof that even after two and a half decades, Robocop is breaking new ground.

Our Prime Directives

Breaking new ground though he may be, of course we still love our ’80s classics — the Toys ‘R’ Us Exclusive Glow in the Dark Night Fighter Robocop is proof.

Don’t forget we’ve got Battle Damaged Robocop and the Classic Robocop figures as well. Make sure you check out our full Robocop line for even more cyborgy goodness!

And of course, stay tuned to the Official NECA Facebook and Official Twitter pages, as well as the ol’ fashioned NECABlog to keep up to date on all the latest doings for Robocop and all your favorite games, movies and more!