Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood

A killer with a twisted sense of justice, Jigsaw has captivated horror audiences and broken box office records since his debut in Saw. With the franchise still going strong, and a fourth entry to the series coming this October, Jigsaw continues to shock and surprise audiences worldwide. With such a groundbreaking history, it’s little surprise that not one but two different Jigsaw Killers have made it into our Hall of Fame. A few weeks ago, the two Saw Action Figures from the upcoming Cult Classics Hall of Fame Series 2 made their debut at NECAonline. Now with release of this anticipated series this month, we figured it was time to whet the appetites of NECA and Saw fans alike by showing off these figures in packaging. Check out our photos and keep checking at NECAonline for the latest updates on Cult Classics and more!