Old Friends and Deadly Enemies

It’s the summer of Potter! With another sure-to-be-hit film and the final entry of the book series on the way, casual fans and fanatics alike have an insatiable craving for all things Harry. This fall, we’ll be releasing Series 2 of our already popular Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Action Figures, but we figured a taste of what’s to come was in store. This series includes five highly detailed action figures.

Up first, of course, is our hero Harry Potter, with added arm articulation and a new arm and torso sculpt. Harry’s most trusted ally and mentor, Albus Dumbledore, joins the ranks of our growing plastic Order of the Phoenix. The snide but powerful Severus Snape rounds out the ranks of the good guys. Finally, we have two terrifying followers of the sadistic Voldemort: his loyal Death Eaters.

Fans can expect an extensive online feature, like our feature for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Series 1 Action Figures, later this summer, but for now here’s a glimpse of these amazing figures. Keep checking back at NECAonline for updates on Harry Potter collectibles and more!