Shipping: Pacific Rim Series 5 Jaeger Action Figures and more!

Coming soon to a retailer near you!

This week our warehouse is hard at work shipping new items from Pacific Rim, Friday the 13th and Alien to retailers! Keep an eye out, because the Series 5 Jaeger action figures and Series 2 Full-Size Scalers will be appearing on store shelves soon. Check out the galleries below!

Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 5 Jaeger Assortment

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Anchorage Attack Gipsy Danger features battle damage from its fight with Knifehead at the beginning of the movie, and uses new, unique tooling not seen on any previous Gipsy Danger release. It comes with an interchangeable right forearm that lets you switch between plasma gun and normal hand.

The highly requested Romeo Blue is a Mark-1 American Jaeger and one of the early heroes of the war against the Kaiju. Highlights of its battles appear in newsreels during the prologue to Pacific Rim. Both Jaeger figures were created from the actual digital files utilized by ILM in the creation of the film.

More info: Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 5 Jaeger Assortment

Full Size Scalers Series 2 – Xenomorph and Jason Voorhees

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Alien_3inch_01 1300xAlien_3inch_03 1300xAlien_3inch_04 1300xAlien_3inch_05 1300xAlien_3inch_06 1300xJason_3inch_01 1300xJason_3inch_03 1300xJason_3inch_04 1300xJason_3inch_05 1300xJason_3inch_06 1300x

Leave other collectibles in the dust — Full-Size Scalers are always up for action. Don’t be surprised to find them hitching a ride on your messenger bag or swinging from the chandeliers!

Like Original Scalers, Full-Size Scalers are made to grip cords and cables, just bigger ones, so you’ll get a fit that’s just right. Each measures 3.5 inches tall. Collect your favorite characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books and take ’em anywhere!

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Full-Size Scalers – Series 2 Friday the 13th Jason
Full-Size Scalers – Series 2 Alien Xenomorph

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