Shipping: Predators Series 11, a new Pacific Rim Action Figure 2-Pack, and TF2 BLU Soldier and Heavy!

Battle-tastic figures aplenty!

The holiday madness continues at our warehouse! The heaping helping of awesome figures headed to retailers this week includes a number of action figure firsts — just look at Series 11 of our Predators, which is chock full of ’em!

We’ve also got BLU versions of the Team Fortress 2 Soldier and Heavy figures, plus more Pacific Rim goodness in the form of a Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger and Leatherback 2-pack. It’s enough to make a grown man cry, if grown men were capable of crying. Of course, everyone knows they are not. Sniff.

Pass us the Kleenex and read on!

Predators – 7″ Action Figure – Series 11

series11 group

Appearing for the first time ever as an action figure, the Wasp Predator comes from the classic fan film Dead End and includes an amazing new accessory – a staff with an Alien head impaled on the end. The Armored Combat Lost Predator from Predator 2’s Lost Tribe is a new take on a very popular Predator. He features a brand new mask, backpack, armor and weaponry that fit with his tech look.

The third figure in this new assortment was one of the most talked about figures at SDCC 2013: Thermal Vision Dutch! This special version of Dutch authentically replicates how the Predator sees him using his heat vision. The figure is cast in translucent green and is painted with “hot spots” of yellow and red. Comes complete with rifle, pistol, and knife accessories.

Want more info and images? Visit the product page: Predators – 7″ Action Figure – Series 11

Team Fortress – 7″ Action Figure – Series 2 BLU Soldier & BLU Heavy

blu 2point5 copy

The Series 2 BLU wave of detailed action figures are faithful to the animated look of the characters. The BLU Heavy and Soldier figures stand over 6.5″ tall, have over 25 points of articulation and include signature in-game weapons and accessories. Each includes a code that can be used to unlock special in-game bonuses!

Check out the product pages:
Team Fortress – 7″ Action Figure – Series 2 BLU Soldier
Team Fortress – 7″ Action Figure – Series 2 BLU Heavy

Pacific Rim – 2-Pack of 7” Action Figures – Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger and Leatherback

590w bd gipsy leatherback 2pack copy

This Series 2 action figure two-pack includes Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger and Leatherback. The deluxe 7″ scale action figures were created directly from the digital files used by ILM in the making of the movie. Fully poseable, highly detailed, and ready to rumble!

For more information and images, visit the product page: Pacific Rim – 7” Action Figures – Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger and Leatherback 2-Pack

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