Shipping Soon: 1/4 Scale Predator with LED Lights, Pacific Rim Ultimate Striker Eureka

New photo gallery for Striker Eureka!

Later this week we’ll start shipping two heavy hitters to stores: Pacific Rim‘s Ultimate Striker Eureka and the light-up 1/4 scale Jungle Hunter from Predator! Check out the new photo gallery for Ultimate Striker below, plus in-package shots of both figures, and look for these to appear in retail stores in the coming weeks.

Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Striker Eureka

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From the sci-fi movie Pacific Rim, we present the definitive collector’s version of Striker Eureka!

The towering mech from Down Under gets the “Ultimate” treatment, with an all-new body and new articulation. Its open chest of rockets is actually an interchangeable piece that swaps out to show a fiery missile launch! There’s even a nuclear payload that attaches to the back of the figure.

The 7” scale Australian mech is made from the actual digital files utilized by ILM in the creation of Pacific Rim for exacting accuracy and detail. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

More info: Pacific Rim – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Ultimate Striker Eureka

Predator – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Jungle Hunter with LED Lights

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1300h Jungle_Hunter_With_LED1300x Jungle_Hunter_With_LED_pkg31300x Jungle_Hunter_With_LED_pkg21300x Jungle_Hunter_With_LED_pkg1

Based on the original 1987 Predator film, this massive action figure marks the triumphant return of the Jungle Hunter to our 1/4 scale line!

Long out of production, our very first Predator 1/4 scale has been updated to include LED lights in the mask’s targeting system and in the wrist computer, which flips open. The figure stands an impressive 19″ tall and is entirely accurate to the movie design, with over 20 points of articulation and mesh body suit netting. Comes with removable backpack, trophy skulls and necklace accessories. Uses button cell batteries, included.

Strictly limited to initial orders, one production run only.

More info: Predator – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Jungle Hunter with LED Lights

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