Shipping this Week: Aliens Series 10, Freddy’s Revenge 1/4 Scale Freddy, and Foam Space Jockey

Coming soon to retailers!

This week the NECA warehouse is shipping five new figures to retailers, so let’s get to it! More info and photos below.

Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 10 Assortment

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1200x-group 1200x-group2 1200x-group3 1200x-group4 1200x-group5 1200x-series-10-group
Gorilla Alien
1200x-gorilla1 1200x-gorilla2 1200x-gorilla5 1200x-gorilla6 1200x-gorilla7 1200x-gorilla8 1200x-gorilla9 1200x-gorilla10 1200x-gorilla11 1200x-gorilla12 1200x-gorilla13 1200x-gorilla14 1200x-51620-gorilla1 1200x-51620-gorilla2 1200x-51620-gorilla3 1200x-51620-gorilla4 1200x-51620-gorillapkg1
Mantis Alien
1200x-mantis1 1200x-mantis2 1200x-mantis3 1200x-mantis4 1200x-mantis5 1200x-mantis6 1200x-mantis7 1200x-mantis8 1200x-mantis9 1200x-mantis10 1200x-mantis11 1200x-mantis12 1200x-mantis13 1200x-mantis14 1200x-mantis15 1200x-51619-mantis4 1200x-51619-mantis5 1200x-51619-mantis1 1200x-51619-mantis2 1200x-51619-mantis3 1200x-51619-mantis_pkg1
Queen Facehugger
1200x-facehugger1 1200x-facehugger2 1200x-facehugger3 1200x-facehugger4 1200x-facehugger5 1200x-facehugger6 1200x-facehugger7 1200x-gorilla3 1200x-gorilla4 1200x-51621-facehuggers1 1200x-51621-facehuggers2 1200x-51621-facehuggers3 1200x-51621-facehuggers4 1200x-f51621-facehuggers5 1200x-51621-facehuggers_pkg1

To celebrate the 10th series in our bestselling Aliens line, we’re dedicating the full series to the classic Kenner Expanded Universe Aliens of the early 1990s!

Series 10 includes the powerful Gorilla Alien, the Queen Facehugger, and Mantis Alien, which is cast in translucent green just like the original. Taking inspiration from those designs, our team has transformed these Kenner classics into modern versions with all of today’s detail and articulation.

Each comes with a reprint of the classic Dark Horse mini-comic that was included with the originals! These highly detailed figures stand over 9″ tall and are fully poseable. The special blister card packaging is an homage to the classic card art as well, featuring custom illustrations and a color palette that ties back to the toy shelves of the early ’90s.

More info: Aliens – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Series 10 Assortment

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Freddy

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1200x-freddy1 1200x-freddy2 1200x-freddy3 1200x-freddy4 1200x-freddy5 1200x-freddy6 1200x-freddy7 1200x-freddy8 1200x-freddy9 1200x-freddy10 1200x-freddy11 1200x-freddy12 1200x-freddy13 1200x-39897-freddy 1200x-39897-_freddy2_pkg1 1200x-39897-_freddy2_pkg2 1200x-39897-_freddy2_pkg3 1200x-39897-_freddy2_pkg4

From Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, the man of your dreams is back as a new 18” action figure!

This is the first time the Part 2 version of Freddy has ever been released in quarter scale form. With over 25 points of articulation, the gruesomely detailed figure is highly poseable, plus it comes with an alternate head and two different right hands (classic glove and organic monster hand with blades). Bring the horror legend to your collection!

More info: Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 – 1/4 Scale Action Figure – Freddy

Alien – Foam Replica – Fossilized Space Jockey

Click on the thumbnails for larger versions:

1200x Space Jockey1 1200x Space Jockey2 1200x Space Jockey3 1200x Space Jockey4 1200x Space Jockey5 1200x Space Jockey6 1200x Space Jockey7 1200x Space Jockey8 1200x Space Jockey9 1200x Space Jockey10 1200x Space Jockey11 1200x Space Jockey12 1200x Space Jockey13 1200x Space Jockey14 1200x Space Jockey15 1200x 51628_Space_Jockey1 1200x 51628_Space_Jockey2

As seen in the 1979 horror classic Alien, this stunningly detailed replica of the Fossilized Space Jockey is perfect as a diorama element and a striking display piece on its own!

It’s perfectly in scale with our line of 7” figures, which means that it’s appropriately massive: two feet long, over 18” tall, and the circular base is 18” in diameter! The Fossilized Space Jockey is made of hand-painted foam rubber and latex with all the details you see in the movie.

Comes packaged in a sturdy reinforced corrugated box. No retail packaging.

More info: Alien – Foam Replica – Fossilized Space Jockey

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