Shipping this Week: Booker DeWitt, Ghost Face, and Full-Size Scalers!

Coming soon to a shelf near you!

This week we’re packing up some extra-fun shipments for retailers: Booker, the long-awaited hero of Bioshock Infinite; Ghost Face, the horror icon in clothed form; and Full-Size Scalers, a new size for our popular Scalers line!

Bioshock Infinite – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Booker

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booker-feat-590Booker9 1300hBooker8 1300hBooker7 1300hBooker6 1300hBooker5 1300hBooker4 1300hBooker3 1300hBooker2 1300hBooker1 1300h1300 Final Booker44939_Booker_pkg 1300x

Booker DeWitt joins our line of action figures based on the hit video game Bioshock Infinite! He stands in scale with the previously released Elizabeth, Boys of Silence, and Motorized Patriots figures, and has over 25 points of articulation for great poses. Comes with shotgun and Sky-Hook accessories.

More info here: Bioshock Infinite – 7″ Scale Action Figure – Booker

Scream – Clothed 8″ Figure – Ghost Face

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14908_Ghostface_8in Clothed Figure 1300x14908_Ghostface_8in Clothed Figure_pkg 1300x

From highly successful Scream motion pictures, this Ghost Face retro figure wears a hooded robe modeled after the original costume. Features a screen-accurate sculpted mask and 3 different hands, and comes with cell phone, voice changer and knife. Blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell and custom illustrated artwork.

More info here: Scream – Clothed 8″ Figure – Ghost Face

Full-Size Scalers – Series 1 Assortment

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1300x Joker31300x Batman5full-size-Batman-scalerfull-size-batman-scaler-comparison-590wfull-size-Joker-scalerfull-size-scalers-joker-comparison-590w14530_Batman_pkg1 1300x14530_Batman_pkg2 1300x14529_Joker_pkg1 1300x14529_Joker_pkg2 1300x

Leave other collectibles in the dust — Full-Size Scalers are always up for action. Don’t be surprised to find them hitching a ride on your messenger bag or swinging from the chandeliers! Like Original Scalers, Full-Size Scalers are made to grip cords and cables, just bigger ones, for a fit that’s just right. Series 1 includes Batman and Joker (DC Comics). 3.5 inches high.

More info here: Full-Size Scalers – Series 1 Assortment

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